A part of a gyro-stabilized system GYRO STABILIZED HEAD G2 / G4, control unit PAN-BAR CU G4, is intended as the control panel that sets movement of the three-axis camera gyro-stabilized head.

The element, with which the movement is set, is the lever system installed on the control device. The user is able to adjust the angle of installation and the length of the levers.

In this form, the control device completely emulates the movement of a camera on the gyro-stabilized head, as if it was on a specialized fluid head. The control of the gyro-stabilized head with the joystick console requires additional skills. While the control unit PAN-BAR CU G4 allows to control the gyro-stabilized head even for specialists who have only shooting skills with a camera on a standard camera head, for example, creative personnel (DOP, cameraman, director, etc.).

For operation, the device should be mounted on a tripod or pedestal with a bowl of 100 mm diameter.