Gyro Head "Genesis"

Genesis key features:

  • 4-axis design (one redundant and three stabilization axes) eliminates gimbal lock in any orientation;
  • no limitation 360-degree continuous pan, tilt and roll control;
  • 360 deg/sec max control rate for all axes;
  • the gimbal always maintains correct polarity of the control axes regardless of the mounting point orientation;
  • mounting point can keep any orientation and it can be changed during operation;
  • two control modes: relative the earth horizon and relative the camera axes;
  • ability to remember and return to specified orientations in inertial space;
  • zero drift for all axes;
  • always stable horizon regardless of the vehicle maneuvers and high g turns;
  • high stabilization accuracy provides excellent stable picture for long lenses
    (up to 300 mm) for wide range of payload inertia;
  • programmable limits, motion recording, tilt control auto reverse;
  • roll auto flip feature when transit through vertical position;
  • ready to work immediately after power on, doesn’t need any starting
    referencing or other routines;
  • extremely high torque custom direct drive motors for all axes;
  • slip ring SDI and camera power channels trough all axes;
  • tactical grade sensors and components;
  • carbon fiber construction;
  • IP 64 protection class;
  • Payload 25 kg;
  • Dimensions 802x630x235mm
  • Weight 29 kg