Gyro Head G4


  • unique 4 axes open frame carbon design
  • 4th axis direct drive motor provides superior pan stabilization accuracy even under high shock disturbances
  • High accuracy of stabilization of the tilt axis, less than one angular minute
  • superior roll and tilt stability under high dynamic vehicle maneuvers
  • zero drift for all axes
  • “idle” mode for changing cameras or lenses without head power off
  • self-diagnostic system informs operator in case of faults and errors, balance self-checking for motor overload protection
  • available control types: joysticks, hand wheels, pan bar
  • axes position indication, programmable rotational limits, head auto return to preset position
  • head motion recording (3 min)
  • response curve and dead zone adjustments for joysticks 

Lens control system:

  • compatible with “Hedén” 24V motors and all TV zoom, focus lenses
  • external motors status indication
  • indication of marked zoom and focus marks (up to 10 marks)
  • pan and tilt axes speed variation depending on current zoom value (zoom speed compensation).