Gyro Arm


  • Disable gyro stabilization for pan and/or tilt axes;
  • Optimum arm configuration: 4.5 m (14'9 '');
  • Waterproof design;
  • Speed ​​and dampening control via touch screen;
  • Control of the movement of the arm with a joystick control panel located inside the car;
  • Position indication and programmable limits for both axes;
  • Immediate transition to a fixed position after activation of the emergency stop switch used for safety purposes;
  • Automatic return to the preset position of the arm (three reprogrammed memory cells and auto-return to the nominal position);
  • Idle mode for balancing the arm without it power off;
  • Powered by 2 x 12V batteries (24V);
  • PAN turn-around time: 5 sec;
  • Maximum payload: 60 kg (132 lb);
  • Maximum Weight (together with the maximum payload): 450 kg (992 lb);
  • Total weight without load and counterweight (including rechargeable batteries): 340 kg (749.5 lb).